Sous vide sirloin steak

Sous vide sirloin steak


Sous-vide. Sounds fancy and french, right? Well that's because it is! "Sous-vide" literally means "under vacuum" in french. More specifically, it's a method of cooking sirloin steak in an airtight (vacuum) sealed plastic bag that's submerged water bath for 1-6 hours! It's mega simple, and when paired with a little bit of pan searing, is considered to be one of the very, very best ways of cooking sirloin steak; delivering a sirloin steak that is evenly cooked throughout to absolute PERFECTION!

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21 day, Dry & Wet Aged Sirloin steak (300g)
2 tbsp olive oil
1 x tspn salt


No need for a specialist sous vide vacuum bag when cooking steak sous vide! A normal, heavy-duty ziplock-style bag will do do the job, easy peasy!

How to prepare Sirloin Steak

  • Season both sides of the sirloin steak generously with salt and pepper

  • Place steaks in ziplock or sous vide bag and add olive oil and rosemary!

  • Pre-heat your sous vide instrument to 56° for medium rare

How to fry Sirloin Steak

  1. Carefully place your sirloin steak filled plastic bag into the preheated water, with it's top just hanging out.
  2. It's important that you make sure that the top of the bag remains open so air can actually escape from it. You can use a clip to bind the top of the bag with your pan and make sure it stays in place!
  3. If your steak is about 1 inch thick, leave it in the bath for about an hour. P.S. The really useful thing about sous vide is that the meat can actually stay in there for at least another hour without overcooking! Awesome, eh?!
  4. Over high heat, preheat a heavy pan and add 1 knob of butter butter. The butter will melt and bubble.
  5. Take the sirloin steak out of the ziplock bag and toss into pan.
  6. Let the sirloin steak sit in the pan, untouched, for 1 - 2 minutes on both siudes.
  7. Finally give the sirloin steak a 10 minute rest before serving.
  8. Cut against the grain!

What to serve with sous vide sirloin steak

We recommend serving your sous vide sirloin steak skillet cooked, rustic potatoes and a garden salad with balsamic & mustard sauce! Yummmmmm!