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Grass-fed beef from sustainably & ethically reared cows; all from local farmers.

Meat box delivery services in the UK

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Average price per serving from a large premium meat box of 7kg. £1.85 £2.32
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Average price
Average price
Average price
Price per kilo £14.92 £18.68 £13.15 £12.20 £16.48
The promise
You know exactly where your meat comes from, right down to the farmer and cow.
Every part of the cow is used. Nothing goes to waste!
No added water, preservatives or other nasties. Guaranteed!
Never wonder where your meat comes from again. We only work with British farmers.
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Prices are based on the average price quoted on the represented websites (as of 24-07-2018).

Whilst the number of meat box delivery services in the UK is seeing a healthy rise, they predominantly focus on bridging the gap between the butcher and the consumer. While such meat box delivery services are valuable in ensuring quality of produce, they still do little in terms of traceability — i.e. truly knowing where the meat you eat comes from.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) recently revealed that a fifth of their meat samples in 2017 from Supermarkets, Restaurants and Processing plants contained unspecified animals' DNA. As a result there is a critical need to establish an accessible link between consumers and farmers so the former can be informed on how the cow from which their beef has come was reared, what it had been fed, and the life it had led. Only then can the consumer make truly informed purchasing decisions regarding his/her food consumption. meat box delivery service

At, we connect you to local, ethical farmers who rear grass-fed & free-range cattle with no hormones, chemicals or preventative antibiotics. These in turn produce beef that is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and omega-3 fatty acids. Because we connect you directly to the farmer and the animal your beef comes from, you can enjoy that Delicious Sunday Roast with some of the most premium meat avaiable in the UK, without any uncertainty about what kind of meat it is and how it got to your plate!

By cutting out the supermarket middleman you also get to pay as little as £1.85 per meal while helping small-scale farmers earn more! Our price comparison proves it! Try it now! meat box delivery in the UK

We currently deliver free to towns and cities included in the list below. Please consult our FAQ page to check for exclusions.


Classic Meat-Box

  • Choose a small or large meat-box,
  • filled with delicious cuts of beef!

Cow UK
£59.95 | £99.95 Classic Meat-box

Deluxe Meat-Box

  • NEW:
  • Native breed English Longhorn beef!

Longhorn Cow New: Deluxe


  • NEW:
  • Order your turkey in time for Christmas!

GROUP 1508
£99.95 | £119.95 | £129.95 Turkey

Click a cow above to buy a share of an ethically reared cow. You'll then be delivered a meat box filled with the most mouthwateringly tender & tasty beef you've ever tasted!