How to cook a perfect steak you ask? Simple — just follow these easy steps:

How to prepare steak

  • Make sure the piece of steak you want to cook has been at room temperature for at least 20 minutes before you start cooking! This is a really important note on how to cook a steak perfectly as it ensures the heat from your pan can penetrate to the middle of your steak quickly — stopping it from becoming overdone!
  • Before you cook the steak, crank up your pan’s temperature to the max! You want it to be very hot — to the point where you hear that high pitched ‘tssss’ sound (a.k.a. searing) when you place your steak on it to cook. This allows the meat to caramelise properly and deliver you some of that ‘trade-your-soul-away-worthy’ crust!

How to cook steak: Process

  1. Season your steak with a pinch of salt (we recommend the fancy Himalayan salt your mum buys from waitrose) and pepper, and then drizzle on, and massage your steak with, olive oil.
  2. Once your pre-heated, super-hot pan has started to smoke — you know it’s ready to start cooking your steak on! If your mates are around, drizzle a tablespoon or 2 of olive oil onto it too so you make it look like you know exactly what you’re doing ("this also helps the beef cook without burning" — so you know what to say if they ask why).
  3. Chuck the steak onto the pan and turn it every minute, 6 times in total for medium rare; (for those less mathematically inclined among you — that means you’ll cook it for a total of 6 minutes ;) ).
  4. While turning the steak, periodically toss in the following extras to intensify the flavours it’s cooking in:
    • before 2nd turn, add some garlic (no need to peel - just crushed) to the pan;
    • before 3rd turn, add some thyme and a little olive oil;
    • beforebefore 5th turn, add 4 knobs of butter.

Then continually baste (a fancy word you can use that basically means continually drizzling) the steak with the juicy tastiness this cocktail of extras creates in your pan.

How to cook steak: Post cooking

  1. A general rule of thumb when you cook steak is to let it rest for as long as you’ve cooked it! So, in this case, let it rest on the side for 6 minutes.
  2. Once rested, take your recently sharpened Chef’s knife (That’s the big’un you never quite know when to use) and cut the steak diagonally, against the grain. ‘Diagonally’ so the meat can retain its moisture, and ‘against the grain’ because you’re a badass cooking maestro that knows everything there is to know about fine wine, astronomy and Dostoevsky.