You cheeky monkey!

Very, very cheeky! Scouring the internet to find a quick discount code on our meat-boxes!? Well, we caught you...

  • If it's your first order, we don't want your search to be in vain. So: here's a £5 discount code for your efforts: simply enter IM_A_CHEEKY_MONKEY when making your order!

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P.S. These Grutto discount codes are only valid for orders greater than £59.95. And don't even try to combine them — it won't work. 😉 connects you to British, small-scale farmers who rear pasture-raised & free range cattle with no hormones, chemicals or preventative antibiotics. Because these cows eat grass, silage and some tasty herbs, they in turn produce beef that is rich in antioxidants, vital vitamins, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Once you have purchased your share of a cow and all its remaining shares are then sold, your share will be butchered, matured and delivered to your door in a biodegradable meat box. From order to delivery, the process takes approximately 4 weeks.

  • Highest animal welfare standards as we work exclusively with farmers with the strongest track record in animal care; rearing animals slowly and naturally with no hormones and plenty of space to freely roam on pastures green.
  • Traceability and transparency of the farm, farmer, breed and ear tag number of your meat. By providing this information, we take the mystery out of meat so you can make truly informed purchasing decisions about the meat you eat!
  • Zero waste (there are currently 100,000 cattle wasted every year) by (i) only slaughtering our cows once they are completely sold and (ii) offering a nose-to-tail mix of pre-portioned meat products in each of our boxes.
  • Healthy meat as our animals are never administered with preventative antibiotics nor fed grass that has been treated with artificial pesticides, sprays or chemicals.
  • You pay less while small-scale farmers earn more by cutting out the supermarket middleman! Our supermarket price comparison proves it!


Classic Meat-Box

  • Choose a small or large meat-box,
  • filled with delicious cuts of beef!

Cow UK
£59.95 | £99.95 Classic Meat-box

Deluxe Meat-Box

  • NEW:
  • Native breed English Longhorn beef!

Longhorn Cow New: Deluxe


  • NEW:
  • Order your turkey in time for Christmas!

GROUP 1508
£89.95 | £109.95 | £119.95 Turkey

Click a cow above to buy a share of an ethically reared cow. You'll then be delivered a meat box filled with the most mouthwateringly tender & tasty beef you've ever tasted!