Farmer Pete Webber

Farmer: Pete Webber

Location: Tiverton, Devon, UK Breed: Limousin

Our farmer & his farm

Pete was strongly recommended to us by his longtime friend Matt Lampey — one of our nearest and dearest founding farmers. So when he told us to go down and have a look at Pete’s farm in Crazelowman (a hamlet in mid-Devon), we went with high expectations and weren’t left disappointed! Like Matt, Pete rears a beautiful herd of suckler cows based on Limousin and other cross breeds raised exclusively for beef.

Pete’s livestock live in incredibly spacious environments, balancing their time between straw-bedded barns and outdoor pastures, depending on the weather conditions.

Pete believes that being able to forage, socialise and express their natural behaviours is essential for the well-being of cattle and the quality of beef they ultimately produce. When they’re able to exercise and live in a stress-free environment, they’re much happier, healthier, and deliver beef that is tastier too! And, like all of the farmers we work with, absolutely no GMOs, animal by-products, routine antibiotics or growth hormones are used - au naturel all the way!