Farmer Lucy McVeigh

Farmer: Lucy McVeigh

Location: Stowmarket, Suffolk Breed: Longhorn

The Farmer

The McVeigh family has been farming since 1640 making Farmer Lucy the 12th generation! For the past 35 years, the family have been farming in Suffolk.

Lucy looks after the De Kenton Longhorn Herd. She also drives the combine harvester during the summer but her number one priority is the welfare and husbandry of the Longhorn Cattle.

The Farm

Kenton Hall Estate is 460 acres, and is comprised of both arable land and livestock, mainly English Longhorn cattle. Fancy a spot of glamping or even getting married on their impressive Farm Estate?

The Cattle

The McVeigh family are proud members of the Longhorn Cattle Society, with each cow registered to ensure they are pedigree English Longhorn - an ancient, traditional native breed.

Their herd of English Longhorn cattle are probably one of the most pampered and well looked after herds in the country, enjoying a relaxed, stress-free environment where they are allowed to mature slowly. In fact, each animal is at least 30 months old before they are taken to a family-run abattoir.

The McVeigh family are dedicated to maintaining the highest quality animal welfare standards (even building a state-of-the-art roundhouse where the cattle are housed in the winter), and they have never had to use antibiotics on their 100% pedigree Longhorn herd.

Longhorn beef is known for its marbled quality without excess external fat cover, ensuring tenderness, succulence and fantastic flavour.