Farmer Andrew Wear

Farmer: Andrew Wear

Location: Compton Martin, Somerset, UK Breed: Aberdeen Angus

The Farmer

Andrew and wife Jen, with the help of their two sons Kyle and Seth, have been stewarding Fernhill farm, of Compton Martin, since 2006. They are known in these parts for their incredible passion for holistically managing both livestock and land in deep harmony with the ancient Mendip grasslands on which they farm.

The Farm

Following the conservation aims of the Countryside Stewardship Scheme, Andrew’s modus operandi is to preserve, protect and share his productive farmland, as a member of the Higher Level Stewardship (HLS) scheme. Home to a multitude of microorganisms, many rare species are found on Andrew’s farm. Walking around his land, one can very literally feel it blossoming with life as he holistically manages his orchard, woodlands, hedgerows, natural ponds and gardens to create beautiful habitats for their livestock and the local wildlife.

The Cattle

Andrew is in charge of rearing a beautiful herd of suckler Black Angus cattle. They are overwintered at Fernhill after spending the long summer days conservation grazing the lush, green grass of Somerset Wildlife Trust’s old Roman Hill Fort, Dolebury Warren.

Incorporating Fernhill as the maternal safe base, the cows become efficient land management tools when travelling around the Mendip hills at various times of the year, seeking fresh, clean pastures. Andrew believes soil activity is an essential element for the health of our struggling planet and therefore allows large mobs to graze intensively for short periods of time to create a natural grazing system across the land.

Andrew exclusively uses nature’s natural responses first to treat weeds, diseases and ailments. He’s truly developing Fernhill farm into a self-sufficient unit with its own supply of home-grown resources – food from their fields and gardens, water harvesting and recycling, wood and wool to keep the Wear family warm with the sun, and logs heating their water!