How does the ordering process work?

You can buy a share of a cow (that will ultimately be delivered to your house in a meat box) by clicking one of our ethically-reared cows (either premium or organic) shown on the home page. Opt for either the large or small box and then, alongside our set cuts, customize your preferred combination of minced meat products.

The cow you have bought a share of will only be sent for slaughter once it has been 100% crowd-purchased. It will take a further 3 weeks for the cow to be butchered and its meat matured for premium taste and texture. Thus, the average time between order and delivery comes to about 3-4 weeks. Throughout the process we'll send you four email updates:

  1. You’ll receive a message when your cow has been fully sold.
  2. Next, you’ll be informed when your cow has been sent for slaughter, at which time we’ll also be able to give you a more precise delivery date (this usually occurs about three weeks in advance of delivery).
  3. Just before the week of delivery, we’ll reach out to you to remind you that your beef is on its way! At this point, we’ll also give you the option to change your delivery day (Thursday), location, as well as any supplementary notes you’d like our courier keep in mind when delivering.
  4. Finally, the evening before your meat box is sent out, our trusted courrier APC will send you a track and trace code, a link to their online tracker and an estimated 2 hour delivery window.

We deliver on:

  • Thursday: 8am – 6pm

Please note: Changes to your delivery day / address can only be made up to the Friday in the week prior to your delivery week! Past then, the best rearrangement of delivery possible is to have your box stowed in a safe place of your choosing or leaving it with a kind neighbour.

Will COVID-19 affect my delivery?

We are doing everything we can to make sure your delivery gets to you on time, however, due to COVID-19, our delivery company, APC, are finding it harder to stick to the 8am - 6pm time slot, so your delivery may arrive later than usual. You will still be able to track your order via track and trace.

Do you deliver to my address?

Though it is a service we hope to offer soon, we don't (yet) deliver across the whole of the UK. The table below outlines postcodes we DO NOT deliver to. You can use the table below to determine whether we deliver to your address by using the first group of letters (e.g. AB29 9AG) and the first group of numbers (e.g. AB29 9AG) in your postcode. If the combination of your postcode's first group of letters and numbers are present in the table below, we DO NOT deliver to your address.

For example, if your postcode is 'AB29 9AG': The first column on the table below indicates that there are addresses in the 'AB' region that we don't deliver to. However, the span of numbers in the corresponding row of the second column is solely '30—56' and seeing as the first group of numbers in your postcode is 29, we would deliver to your address.

Postcodes we do NOT deliver to

First group of letters in postcode First group of numbers in postcode
AB 30 — 56
FK 17 — 21
G 83
GY 9
HS 1 — 9
KA 27 — 28
PA 20 — 99
PH 15 — 99
TR 21 — 25

When will I receive my delivery?

Once your meat box has been dispatched, your parcel should arrive the following working day on a next day service. Delivery is not completely guaranteed in case of unforeseen circumstances which may result in a delivery taking place outside of the estimated hours or the following working day.
APC will send you an email & text notification on the morning of your delivery – this will include your consignment number and your 2 hour time slot for deliveryfor any questions or issues concerning your delivery.

You can manage your delivery using your consignment number and post code at our courier APC’s website. You will be able to see up to date information about the progress of your delivery including:

  • Estimated two hour time slot for your delivery.
  • The driver stop number for your delivery along with live tracking of your courier driver using the ‘Pinpoint your delivery’ service.

Please note: If your delivery address is in the Scottish Highlands & Islands, delivery may take two working days from the point of despatch.

What if I've not at home to sign for my delivery?

Our couriers are required to obtain a signature upon delivery unless you have given them delivery instructions.

You can request the following options by calling APC on 0800 37 37 37:

  • Change delivery date
  • Leave with neighbour
  • Leave in safe place
  • Collect from depot

If this is not possible APC will attempt delivery and will leave a card. You will also receive a text and email notification to let you know that they missed you. To rearrange delivery visit APC’s website or call 0800 37 37 37.

If you receive a calling card/email/text after an attempted delivery, you have the following options at APC Called:

  • Reschedule delivery
  • Collect from delivery

Can I choose a delivery slot?

No, however APC will text and/or email you an estimated two hour time slot the morning of your delivery.

Can I order extra/different cuts & slices of meat?

Unfortunately not.

It’s important to us that all parts of each cow we sell are used and nothing goes to waste. In the UK alone, it is estimated that 100,000 cows worth of beef goes to waste yearly. For this reason, besides slaughtering only once completely sold, our cows are all processed lengthways (from front to back). This means that each of the (approx.) 30 meat-boxes that are filled using the carcass of a specific cow will contain an equal mix of cuts and slices from its different parts. Taking such a cross-section of the cows meat allows each shareholder to take holistic responsibility for the cow they derive meat from; ensuring nothing is tossed to one side — from nose to tail, everything is learnt to be valued and appreciated. :)

Because the meat from each cow we sell is portioned and divided to fill approximately 30 large meat boxes, certain cuts and slices aren't included simply because the quantities aren't big enough to divide into so many boxes. Where this is the case, rest assured that we do still use them, but instead do so by making minced products that can be more easily divided.

What happens to each cow's offal & bones, and can I make an order?

We ensure that all parts of each cow we sell are used. So, each of our customers can reach out to us via questions@grutto.uk to request up to 2 portions of Offal or Bones to be added to their large order (1 portion for small orders), free of charge. :) Do please note however that we use a 'first come, first serve' approach to allocating these parts!

How are the cows cared for?

We're proud to personally visit each farmer we choose to partner with to see where and how the cows presented on our site are raised — ensuring that each cow is reared with the highest standards of animal welfare and environmental stewardship in mind. If we can’t Instagram it, we don't sell it!

Whilst each of our farmers has their own set of unique practices (often passed down generations), none administer hormones or preventative antibiotics to their cattle. This means no guesswork or health risk when your family enjoys our meat.

Through Spring, Summer and part of Autumn, our cows graze in pastures (free range) and can often choose to shelter in an open barn. We work with farmers that rear suckler hers which means that when a cow becomes pregnant, her calf can stay by her side for six to nine months after the birth.

Our farmers are very passionate about doing away with all chemicals or sprays as much as possible when maintaining their grounds. Rather, they prefer to use natural fertilizers — like the dung produced on their own farms. Our cows eat a mixture of grass and herbs, and sometimes a few tasty extras such as wheat that our farmers often grow themselves.

Would you like to visit one of our cows? Let us know by sending an email to questions@grutto.uk and we'll contact you with possible dates & times!

Is your meat organic?

We offer beef from both organic certified and non-organic farmers.

Regardless of certification, our cows eat a mixture of grass and herbs, and sometimes a few tasty extras such as wheat that our farmers often grow themselves.

The only reason not all our farmers are organic certified is that some use their own grass instead of certified feed – but, in reality, things don’t get more natural than fresh, chemical-free grass!

How will my cow be slaughtered?

Your cow will be slaughtered by way of captive bolt at a small-scale, family-run abattoir (Code: 8191 EEC).

The cows are between 2 years and 5 years when they are slaughtered, depending on their breed and weight.

What is the shelf life of the meat?

You’ll find two expiry dates on each individual packet inside your meatbox: one for when the meat products are refrigerated and the other for when frozen.

From the date of delivery, we recommend you consume the meat within 2-3 days if you choose to refrigerate it. When stored in a freezer however, how most our customers store their meat, your meat products will remain fresh for up to 1 year.

After defrosting our meat, you can store the sealed packet in the fridge for 2-3 days.

Will my meat box fit in my freezer?

Yes! Because all our meat products are vacuum packed, the contents of our large premium box will fit in a single drawer (59cm X 39cm X 11cm) of a standard household freezer. A small meat box (3.5kg) takes up only half!

Because we allow the meat to mature, it loses a little bit of its moisture. And this, alongside the fact that it’s vacuum sealed, means that the quality of our meat won’t deteriorate when you freeze it for long periods (even a year!) of time — keeping every bit of its taste and texture, tenderness and taste!

How should I defrost my meat products?

The best way to defrost meat is to move it from freezer to fridge one day before you plan to cook it, so it can thaw slowly. Place a plate or tray underneath, to catch any melting ice.

However, because our meat is vacuum packed, this means a very (very) handy alternative method is to simply take it out the freezer and place it in a bowl filled with cold tap water for 15-20 minutes! Easy, peasy.

P.S. We strongly recommend against defrosting your meat in the microwave because it heavily deteriorates its quality, making it very tough!

What additives do you use in your products? (allergens)

We don’t use any E Numbers, sugar, binding agents, dyes, preservatives, or chemicals often found in supermarket meats. Whilst all our meat is gluten-free, please note that our meat products are prepared in an environment where gluten is processed at other times. Our meat is also 100% lactose-free.

We add salt, pepper and other seasonings to some of our products, such as beef burgers and meatballs. There is a label on each individual packet that lists the ingredients and shows the nutritional value of the product.

Product Ingredients Nutritional Information
Beef Burgers Beef (97%), Sundried Tomatoes, Sea Salt, Onion, White pepper. Energy 937 kJ / 225 kcal, Fat 16.1 g (of which saturates 6.8 g), Carbohydrates 1.3 g (of which sugars 0.7 g), Protein 18.6 g, Salt 1.4 g
Beef Meatballs Beef (97%), Sundried Tomatoes, Sea Salt, Onion, White pepper. Energy 937 kJ / 225 kcal, Fat 16.1 g (of which saturates 6.8 g), Carbohydrates 1.3 g (of which sugars 0.7 g), Protein 18.6 g, Salt 1.4 g
Organic ingredients are used whenever possible.

Can we help you with something?

Our team is always ready to answer your questions. We would like to hear from you!

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