What makes our beef ethical?

You don't have to go vegan to eat guilt-free. Here's how our meat boxes are able to make that dream a reality.

1. Highest Animal Welfare

2. ZERO Waste

3. Supporting Local Wildlife

4. A global vision

The highest animal welfare

100% pasture raised & free range. Never hormones or preventative antibiotics.

You’ve probably watched one of the many documentaries on Netflix about the sad way many cattle are now being farmed for beef. Often in large numbers, indoors, in very confined spaces and with almost no natural light or fresh air. What’s more, these cattle are often treated with hormones and fed grains that make them gain weight, crazy fast. These are called “feedlot” or “intensive” farming practices. Combined, they promise a really low standard of living for innocent animals with high vulnerability to illness, pain and stress.

We want to bring an end to this sad picture of farming! The beef you buy here comes from cows that are 100% pasture raised and truly free range. That means whenever weather permits, they’re out and about in wide open spaces, grazing on natural, healthy grass! They’re never administered hormones or preventative antibiotics, and are always grown slowly – just as mother nature intended! We also love working with farmers that keep cattle in family groups. This allows them to follow their natural social and herding instincts – reducing stress, and keeping them happy!

ZERO Waste

The meat you buy here will never come from
farms on deforested lands

There’s about 100,000 cows worth of beef that gets wasted every year in the UK. That’s just insane in the membrane! This usually happens for two reasons: firstly because supermarkets overstock on beef that ends up not sold and going bad on shelves; and second because we’ve gotten a little too picky as meat eaters; enjoying fillets and sirloins, but leaving behind rumps and bavettes!

We believe eating meat is only ethical when all the meat from a cow we slaughter gets eaten. So, we’ve tipped the supermarket model upside down. Instead of slaughtering cows and gambling on their meat selling, we only send cows to the abattoir once we’ve sold all their meat. What’s more, the meat box that will be delivered to your door will be made up of a nose-to-tail cross section of the whole cow. That means you’ll get a bit of everything and nothing goes to waste!

Supporting local wildlife

The meat you buy here will never come from
farms on deforested lands

In the UK, we’ve seen over half of our wildlife species wiped out since the 1970s and it’s no secret that intensive farming practices shoulder a lot of the blame. The meat you’ll buy here is from farmers that work incredibly hard to maintain and nourish their surrounding wildlife and ecology. Wherever possible they avoid any artificial herbicides or pesticides and nourish banks, ponds, grasslands and habitat links such as hedges and field margins.

Our organic farmers set an amazing example to follow in this regard! Farmers like our very own Andy Bragg are creating havens for their surroung wildlife; providing saftey for bees, birds and butterflies alike! It's no surprise that plant, insect and bird life has been found to be 50% richer on organic farms like Andy's – making a home for about 30% more species too!

Changing the beef game

The beef revolution is starting local, but it's going Global

As you’ve probably realised by now, we believe that our model for beef production can radically change the game in the UK! While that’s great for our business and the environmental footprint of the beef we eat on British shores, the sustainability of beef can only truly be achieved if we work locally as well as globally!

The UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation reports that as things currently stand, with all the problems and dysfunction there are in the beef industry, we could cut our environmental footprint by at least 32% worldwide if all producers were to apply the practices of the 10% of producers with the lowest footprint. Now imagine what would happen if all 100% used our emissions busting approach!

That’s why we’re doing everything we can to openly share our farming, production and consumption model with as many farmers and consumers worldwide to equip them with the knowledge and practices necessary to move towards sustainability! As things stand we’ve already made big waves in the Netherlands and Germany, and have plans to move across the whole of Europe in the coming couple of years! Then, as soon as we responsibly can, we’ll be working to roll this beef revolution worldwide – to every nook and cranny that loves beef like we do!