Image of different cuts and slices of beef

Cuts of Beef

The Definitive Guide

Turns out, there's actually a deep science behind butchering, specifically the different cuts of beef butchers provide, the characteristics of each of these cuts of beef, and ultimately, how they can be used in your kitchen!

Fear not though! We've compiled a list of the most common cuts of beef to help you navigate through them, so next time you can walk into your local butchers as an absolute expert!

Fillet Steak

Image of 2 Fillet Steaks

The Fillet steak is consistently considered as the most premium, prime cut of beef. This is because of it's unique tenderness which in turn owes to the fact that it derives from the part of the cow that does least work: the lower-mid back! But make no mistake, though it’s tender, it actually has a very little fat — just pure, unadulterated, tender beef!

We recommend that the Fillet Steak be cooked over a blazingly hot temperature, and at blazingly fast speed to make sure it’s doesn’t dry! Find out more...

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Minute Steak

2 uncooked minute steaks

Very simply, a minute steak is a very thin — usually 1/4 inch thick — cut of boneless, tenderised beef, most often cut from the sirloin. Because they’re so thin, they cook evenly and quickly in, would you believe it, 4 minutes — despite the name! The low cooking time and the fact that its been tenderised or pounded (which means it can be made from cheaper cuts of meat) mean that it’s become a favourite of home cooks everywhere! Find out more...

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Rib-eye Steak

1 uncooked rib-eye steak

The Rib-eye is a cut of beef that comes from a part of the cow which does quite little work — just above the ribs! That means the meat is very, very, very tender and its taste is very ‘beefy’ and lusciously rich! What adds to the intense flavor of the Rib-eye are the strips of intermuscular fat (marbling) typically throughout this cut of beef. Because of this, the Rib-eye is usually recommended to be done to the point of medium at the very least in a bid to ensure all the fat as been rendered down. Find out more...

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Rump Steak

2 uncooked Rump Steaks

Whilst the Filet steak is known for its incredible tenderness and fine, mild taste, the Rump is a cut of beef known for the very opposite. It’s cut from undoubtedly the most hard working part of the cow: the bum! Rump steaks are the kebab & skewer maestro’s dream as they retain marinades expertly well yet don’t allow sauces to drown out their natural, beefy flavour. Also perfect for the BBQ season! Find out more...

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Silverside (Roast)

An uncooked silverside roast

The silverside steak comes from the section of the cow which sits just above the leg. Most often used as a whole joint to roast in the oven, it’s a relatively lean cut of beef which means one should always make sure its sat in a small pool of liquid to make sure it’s not dried out when done - alternatively you could sit by the oven and baste it continually but our experience tells us that you’ll end up with a Roast meal with a warm roast but cold or burnt potatoes! Find out more...

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Sirloin Steak

2 sirloin steaks

The Sirloin Steak. What else is there to say? Sits right between the fillet and the rib, which means that it’s got the perfect balance of fat ( = taste) and mighty tenderness! Like the Rib-eye, you want to make sure you cook this cut of beef long enough for the fat to melt! Find out more...

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Topside Steak

2 uncooked topside steaks

This cut of beef comes from the inner thigh of the cow! If you’ve ever held a Topside steak in your hand you’ll know that it usually has a layer of slippery fat stuck to it — that’s kept on there to naturally baste the steak as it’s cooking! Topside Steaks have low fat content so are perhaps the most flexible and easy cut of beef when it comes to cooking! You can slow cook it on low heats, but our recommendation is to go fast and on high temperatures! Find out more...

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