Noble Meat from Healthy Soil

Grass-fed beef from sustainably & ethically reared cows; all from local farmers.

Crowdbutching or Crowdbutchering

Crowdbutching / Crowdbutchering is a combination of the words crowdfunding and butchering. Instead of buying a specific joint of meat from a supermarket, you get to buy and share a whole cow with other people. It's a way of buying meat that ensures the whole cow is used, from nose to tail, and nothing is wasted.

What is Crowdbutching?

Together with a group of online friends and strangers, you purchase a cow share in the form of a meat-box. Your cow is only slaughtered once 100% of its meat has been sold - nothing is wasted. Crowdbutching is our plan to make high quality, 100% traceable meat available to everybody. We want to be transparent, so that you can see exactly how your meat reaches your plate.

How does it work?

Every day we add one or two new cows to our website. Every time someone purchases a meat-box, their cow ‘fills up’ by about 3%. When a cow reaches 100% it becomes fully sold, at which point it will be transported to the artisan butcher. We let the carcass mature for two weeks before it is divided up and your share of beef is delivered to your home, via refrigerated transport.


Stress is not only bad for an animal’s well-being, but also impacts meat quality. If a cow experiences stress either before or during slaughter, the meat will be less tender and will lack flavour. That’s why, when our cows are moved from the farm to our artisan butcher, they are given three days to relax and get used to the butcher. Only then are they slaughtered. By this time they have become habituated and unstressed – and you can really taste that in the beef.

Crowdbutchering is the new way to Order Meat Online!


Classic Meat-Box

  • Choose a small or large meat-box,
  • filled with delicious cuts of beef!

Cow UK
£59.95 | £99.95 Classic Meat-box

Deluxe Meat-Box

  • NEW:
  • Native breed English Longhorn beef!

Longhorn Cow New: Deluxe


  • NEW:
  • Order your turkey in time for Christmas!

GROUP 1508
£89.95 | £109.95 | £119.95 Turkey

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