Meat Box Price Comparison

Supermarket prices but so much more for your money!

Good quality meat doesn't have to be expensive. Our large premium box costs just £99.95 for approximately 7 Kg of meat. This equates to 27 meals for two at just £4 per meal or £1.85 per person.

Our beef is comparable to supermarket prices but is far superior in flavour as well as being 100% pure and natural.  Support our British farmers and order you package today!

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Average price per serving from a large premium meat box of 7kg. £1.85 £2.32
Average price
Average price
Average price
Average price
Price per kilo £14.92 £18.68 £13.15 £12.20 £16.48
The promise
You know exactly where your meat comes from, right down to the farmer and cow.
Every part of the cow is used. Nothing goes to waste!
No added water, preservatives or other nasties. Guaranteed!
Never wonder where your meat comes from again. We only work with British farmers.
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Prices are based on the average price quoted on the represented websites (as of 24-07-2018).