A new name

Our story started 6 years ago with our first website, Koopeenkoe.nl. We have now grown to 11 different websites and it all became a bit messy. We are therefore slowly moving to one name and one website.

No longer Crowdbutching.com but …

Noble meat from natural soil!


A natural, healthy and wastefree meat sector.

We eat too much meat and pay too little for it. To make this possible, we created a mass scale meat industry at the expense of the rising greenhouse gas emissions besides falling welfare for both animals and farmers. Grutto wants to help bring about change in this area by going back to nature's way of producing meat.

How do we do that? Read on.




Almost all big leaps start with a small first step. Ours was to tackle the issue of meat transparency. Since 2014 we’ve been matching the meat you buy from us with the ear tag or lot number of the specific animal it came from. This ensures you can always make an informed decision when buying meat. Where does your meat come from?


Zero waste

Seeing the world's increasing population and the challenge it already is to feed everyone, we can simply no longer afford to waste food. As things stand, we waste about 40 kilograms per person per year. To curb this, we only sell meat nose-to-tail – making sure everything gets used and nothing goes to waste.


Animal welfare

Eating natural, healthy meat means animals are slaughtered. Though we understand that many find this difficult, we see animals have a pivotal role in the ecosystem where death follows life and life follows death. We do have two important conditions to this though; livestock must have lived a very good, high welfare life and be slaughtered respectfully. We take care of all of this.



Farmers aren’t solely food production companies. They’re the families that steward the earth and all its fruits for humanity. We’re looking to partner with farmers that don’t work around or against nature, but abide by nature when farming. We believe a global transition towards nature-inclusive farming will restore our Earth's soil health and biodiversity – allowing it to crucially store both carbon and nitrogen. Where Grutto is, the land is healthy.


Noble meat

Traditionally, meat was regarded as a special product, reserved to be enjoyed and cherished occasionally when all the family got around the table. This is the image of meat we need to return to. If meat is cheap and available in such large quantities as it is now, it’s at the expense of health, taste, animal and farmer welfare, as well as nature. While trying to increase the speed of farming meat, we’ve actually forgotten its special taste when we follow nature's guidelines. When it’s from happy, slow grown livestock and aged for 3 weeks – like ours is. In this way tasty noble meat is created, that is very nutritious for humanity.